Indospeak provides conference, business, and community interpreting & translation services for agencies, businesses, and individuals in a professional, relational, cost-effective and culturally appropriate way.

Commercial & Organisation

Do more than just relay information. Build relationships across language & culture.
  • Engage new business partners or audiences with professionally translated business documents – Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDFs or emails.
  • Understand your clients and their business with business document translations.
  • Communicate your vision, present your ideas, and sell your product effectively with meeting interpretation and translation.
  • Engage new contacts and develop new networks with fluency with Indospeak as a social liaison at dinner & social engagements.
  • Reach new audiences with voice over scripts.
  • Obtain a transcription of audio and media files for business records.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to new relationships by hiring Indospeak to teach you cultural etiquette & basic language skills.
Indospeak provides:
  • Conference interpretation.
  • Document translation.
  • Business presentations.
  • Dinner/Social engagement liaison.
  • Voice over and transcription.
  • Business meeting interpretation.
  • Express cultural training & basic language skills.

Conference & Event

Connect, unify, and engage people with your business or organisation’s vision & products by hiring Indospeak to holistically translate and interpret for your conference or event.
  •  Cast vision for your organisation or business to the Indonesian market.
  • Represent yourself professionally to your audience in cost effective and culturally-sensitive ways.
  • Direct people to your event or conference in your audience’s native language.
  • Communicate your concepts and ideas effectively and efficiently to large groups of people at once as Indospeak interprets simultaneously or consecutively (in booth through headphones or talking in turn, respectively).
  • Create maximum impact with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel Documents translated to match presentation content for seamless, holistic communication in multiple media.
Indospeak provides:
  • Conference interpreting.
  • Translation of pre and post conference materials.
  • Translation of conference website.
  • Translation of Session PowerPoint presentation.
  • Simultaneous & consecutive interpreting (in booth with headphones & speaking in turn, respectively).

Community Clients & Individuals

Indospeak connects CALD (culturally and linguistically diverse) people to vital groups and functions in Australian society with professionalism and accuracy, strictly adhering to the AUSIT Code of Ethics, without compromising a focus and personalised approach to each individual.
  • Communicate vital information and necessary personal details between doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, social workers and job seekers, market research companies and interviewees, migration agents & visa applicants, et al.
  • Obtain translations of important and official documents.
  • Allow for immediate and convenient communication.
  • Learn to communicate in culturally relevant ways with cultural etiquette & basic language skills training.
Indospeak provides:
  • On site (face-to-face) interpreting.
  • Telephone interpreting.
  • Conference interpreting.
  • Video conference interpreting.
  • Translations – written communication.
  • Basic cultural training & language skills.
  • Consecutive interpreting (talking in turns) between doctors and patients, lawyers and clients, social workers and job seekers, market research companies and interviewees, migration agents and visa applicants, et al.